Bishop's Scholarship Deadline and Gala Meeting

The Bishop Scholarship Fund application process closes (for returning families) this Thursday, March 15th! This means, you must register for school with Diane for next year by Thursday and then request Bishop Scholarship assistance on the FACTS application. Please, if in any doubt about needing financial assistance for next year, register and apply for the Bishop Scholarship Fund!

In addition, you must apply first to the Bishop Scholarship Fund in order to be eligible for additional assistance through our Local Tuition Review Committee.

The Bishop Scholarship Fund and the Local Tuition Review Committee are the two ways we support families who need help with tuition. We are committed that every family that desires Catholic Education will be helped.

A Message From the GALA Committee

The Gala meeting for this evening March 12th, has been CANCELED due to the impending storm. 

We are going to reschedule it for next week either Tuesday March 20th or Wednesday March 21st at 7:00/7:30pm.   Please email Carrie Shaffer at and let her know which day works better for you.  

We need you guys!  This is important, it takes "ALL" of us doing our part to make it a success.


Carrie and Joanne

Co-Chairs Gala Committee